Lavoie Graphics

Our roster of creative services incorporates our skills and experience in illustration, copywriting, and photography.


Our illustrations are created in traditional media - as drawings or paintings - as well as being done as digital art. The medium is just a tool, it's the artist that is the essential ingredient. A sample of several of our illustrations is shown to the right.


Copywriting is an art in itself. Communicating verbally in a clear, concise, effective manner is an important aspect of much of our work. Our copywriting services range from simple editing of text provided by our customers to composing all the written material in a customer project. Our copywriting is sometimes functional (enhancing search engine friendliness of a web page), sometimes descriptive (details of a product), sometimes educational (posting on a blog), and sometimes a combination of various slants.

Photography and Video

At Lavoie Graphics, you get the mastery of the industry workhorse software, Photoshop, that would be hard to find elsewhere. We can adjust and enhance a good photo to create a spectacular photo. Retouching, correcting colors, removing unwanted parts, adding in missing parts, and removing distortions are routine. We've seamlessly added people to photos, removed 5 o'clock shadow, slenderized figures, deleted tattoos, and performed other wizardry! We can manipulate multiple photographs to result in an image not otherwise possible. See the presentation below for an example of how we "created" a scene from multiple images:

We do not pretend to be professional photographers or video producers, and the majority of our projects use professional photographers' work. Good photography is very important in successful visual design, and we are happy to recommend very talented professional photographers to our customers. We provide styling guidance as needed also. Occassionally we put our own cameras to work when the need arises. Our photographs have been used in many web sites, ads and printed pieces. We produce short videos also: capturing customer reactions and testimonials, giving visual tours, and showing our customers' products in use, for example.

Here is a glimpse at our photography:

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