Lavoie Graphics

For nearly three decades, Lavoie Graphics has been creating custom graphics for clients around the country. Over the years, technology has exploded, tools have improved, and media for which we design has changed enormously. But our philosophy has stayed the same: create exceptional designs which are effective at producing the desired marketing results while efficiently using marketing dollars. We aim to capture the attention of each customer's targeted audience, present their business with a professional image, deliver a clear message, and present an easy call to action.

We've served customers in a variety of industries, including travel and tourism, real estate, consumer products and services, retail, manufacturing, education, membership organizations, directories, business to business, attractions, and special events. Every customer presents a unique profile, and we work together to create a fresh and original approach to meeting each one's individual marketing goals.

The nature of our business has vastly changed over the years. Darkrooms and paste-up artists went the way of the dinosaurs, as computer graphics took over. We jumped in at the infancy of new technology, as one of the first companies to use "Version 1.0" of nearly all the professional softwares we use today. Right from the start it was obvious that even the fanciest, most up-to-date tools cannot produce great results unless they are in the hands of knowledgeable, experienced professionals - like us.

We pride ourselves on long term customers. Our services are offered on an a la carte basis, so each relationship is customized. The more facets of marketing we handle for a customer, the more concise, coordinated and reinforced their message becomes. We care about our customers' businesses, work like partners in their success, and offer results-oriented solutions to deliver their marketing messages.

All of our work is custom. We don't use boilerplates or templates. We don't subcontract our work to low priced overseas vendors. We strive to deliver high quality work, personal attention, and responsive service at a very fair price. In this fast changing world, we continually fine tune our skills and encourage our customers to embrace innovative means of reaching new customers. We look forward to many more years of helping businesses like yours.

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